Current group members

Photo of Jane Allison
Jane Allison
Photo of Alex Popinga
Alex Popinga (postdoctoral research fellow)
Photo of Shamim Shadfar

Shamim Shadfar (postdoctoral research assistant)
Photo of Aparajita Chakraborty
Aparajita Chakraborty (PhD student)
Photo of Jack Copping
Jack Copping (PhD student)
Photo of Anjali Krishna
Anjali Krishna (PhD student)
Photo of Sebastian Dunn
Sebastian Dunn (MSc student)


Sam Thompson (research assistant)


Dominik Lange-Nawka (research assistant)


Former group members


Xavier Periole (postdoctoral research fellow)


Photo of Ivan Welsh
Ivan Welsh (postdoc)
Photo of Thomas Collier
Thomas Collier (postdoc)
Photo of William Irvine
William Irvine (PhD student)
Photo of Ashar Malik
Ashar Malik (PhD student)
Photo of Elisey Kobzev
Elisey Kobzev (PhD student)
Photo of Lukas Wirz
Lukas Wirz (PhD student)
Photo of Ali Razzak
Ali Razzak (MSc student)


Aayush Chaudhary (summer student)


Colton Randall (intern)


Chad Eichler (summer student)


Tuaha Mufti (summer student)


Hong Yang (intern)


Jonathan Chan (intern)